General League Setup
Commissioner Email Address:Send Email To Commish
Total Number of Divisions:3
Number of Franchises:12
Number of Roster Spots:25
Number of Injured Reserve Spots:1
Head-To-Head Matchups:Yes
Each Player can be on:1 rosters per League
At the start of the season, rosters are determined by:On-line, long-running (email) draft, taking several days/weeks to complete.
Abilities Setup
Franchise Abilities:Submit lineups
 Perform waivers / FA moves
 Drop players at any time
 Propose / accept trades
 Make IR moves
 Write league articles
 Post to message board
 Post to league chat and trash-talk videos
 Post to bulletin board
 Change franchise setup info
 Create league polls
 Customize home page
 View 'Prev. Proc. Waivers' report
 Participate in survivor pool
 Participate in NFL pool
Commissioner Lockout:Yes, the commissioner has given up his ability to view pending owner-initiated transactions.
Standings Setup
Standings Sort Criteria #1: Overall Winning Percentage
Standings Sort Criteria #2: Divisional Winning Percentage
Standings Sort Criteria #3: Head-To-Head Record
Standings Sort Criteria #4: Total Points Scored
Standings Sort Criteria #5:
Standings Sort Criteria #6:
Standings Sort Criteria #7:
Standings Sort Criteria #8:
Standings Sort Criteria #9:
Standings Sort Criteria #10:
Standings Sort Criteria #11:
Division/Conference Setup
Divisions: Division 1, Division 2, Division 3
Accounting Setup
Credit For Being The Weekly High Scorer:$5.00
General Scoring Setup
Calculate Fantasy Results From:Week 1 through Week 16
Number of Decimal Places For League Scoring:1
Ties Are:Counted as ties
Starting Lineup Setup
Total Starters:10
Number of Starting QBs:1
Number of Starting RBs:2-3
Number of Starting WRs:2-4
Number of Starting TEs:1-3
Number of Starting PKs:1
Number of Starting Defs:1
Hide starting lineups from all owners until:Never hide starters.
Should owners be allowed to submit players on bye as starters?Yes
Roster Position Limits Setup
Other League Settings
Display NFL Player Injury Status?Yes
Display Top Performers/Player Stats Report?Yes
Display Rosters Report?Yes
Display NFL Opponent's Passing/Rushing Rank On Submit Lineup Page?Yes
Display NFL Bye Weeks/NFL Schedule?Yes
Display NFL News Articles?Yes
Display NFL Free Agents on Fantasy Free Agent Lists?Yes
Display NFL Rookies With (R) Next To Name?Yes
Time Zone:ET
Display "Drafted" Column on Rosters Report?Yes
Are league reports private (Not accessible to guests)?No
Is league home page private (Not accessible to guests)?No
Draft Setup
Draft Pick Time Limit Turned: On and set to 16:00 hours
Weekly Lineup Setup
Lineup Submission Deadline:Players Are Locked At Kickoff Of Their Game
Are Partial Lineups Allowed?NO
Waivers Setup
Prevent Owners From Making ANY Waiver/Free Agent Moves Between Kickoff of that player's game and the end of the last game of the week?Yes
Blind Bidding Waivers Setup
Maximum Amount Each Owner Can Spend During The Season On Blind Bid Waivers:$100.00
Mucas Membrain Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:$70.73
Where's my Gym Schwartz? Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:$69.40
Forgetting Brandon Marshall Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:$82.35
Big Blue Bruisers Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:$20.00
LACES OUT Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:$20.10
Eight In The Box Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:$37.00
Gurrific Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:$78.00
GRIDIRON SHOCKER Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:$19.90
Polk High Allstars Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:$56.50
Indoor FB Rejects Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:$23.20
AFL Renegades Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:$99.59
Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:$5.70
All Blind Bids Must Be In Increments Of:$0.00
Minimum Blind Bid Amount:$0.10
Amount charged to blind bidding balance for each player acquired via FCFS waivers:$1.00
Should "Blind Bidding Waivers" Be Automatically Processed?Yes
Are Conditional Blind Bids Allowed?Yes
Do Winning Blind Bid Waiver Amounts Get Charged To An Owner's Accounting Report As "Real" Dollars?No
Blind Bidding Ties Are Broken By:Earliest Submitted Bid Wins
Trades Setup
When An Owner Accepts A Trade: The trade is subject to a league-wide vote for 2 days.
Display Trade Comments To All Owners?No
Allow Trades That Would Create Invalid Rosters To Go Through?No
When A Trade Causes An Invalid Roster, Allow Owner To Submit Lineup?Yes
Default Number Of Days For A Trade Proposal To Be Valid For:7
Injured Reserve Setup
Player Must Be Classified As Before Being Deactivated:Ir
Can a player be deactivated when he is listed as "Suspended"?No
In case of an IR violation, prevent owner from submitting lineup?Yes
Additional League Rules Setup


Please do not take fantasy football too seriously. It is a fun game and can be very competitive. There is nothing better than starting and maintaining a league with 11 other people. The rivalries mature, smack talk can get fierce and winning is almost everything. But having fun and creating conversation is what the game is all about, not to mention how great a live draft can be. 

So, when it comes to the game, try not to cross that line between fantasy and reality. Yes, there is money involved with fantasy football and that complicates things. And sometimes, you get screwed. It happens. 

But remember that these are your friends, and acquaintances in these leagues. Most people forget this part of fantasy football. Please do not get too personal, and enjoy yourself. 


Entry Fee: $75.00 per year

 Additional Fee for Site and Draft: Approx. $6

1st place winner will get $375
2nd place winner will get $225
3rd place winner will get $100

Division Winners: $25

Regular Season Leading Points: $60

Regular Season Weekly High Points: $5


$20 Deposit will be due before the draft.


League Fees will be handled through Every owner will be invited to join the group for our league. Owners need to notify the commissioner if they have not received the invite.


Balance of League Fees are due on August 1st 2012.



Scoring Settings are on the MFL site. GAMEBOOK will settle all scoring disputes. All scoring disputes must be submitted by the Thursday noon following the week's games, otherwise...S.O.L.. 


Owners may keep up to 25 players at all times with no restriction on how long. Players may hold up to 30 players for 1 week after the Rookie draft where they will then have to cut down to 25 Players


Can hold 25 players at all times. Up to 30 during Rookie draft and will have to be cut down to 30 1 week after the end of the Rookie Draft.


Free Agency starts after the draft. Blind bidding is used for free agency with a $100 budget for the year. There will be weekly blind bidding periods starting after the draft and through the season.  Free agency ends at the start of week 16 and is then closed till after the draft of the next season.


League will hold an over-time online draft.

Draft will start as soon as everyone deposits at least $20. 

Draft will remain serpentine (1-12, 12-1, etc) with these changes. 

Draft picks can be traded from year to year. 

Draft order is based on previous year's finish including playoffs (Super Bowl). 

2012 Draft Order


2.        Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe

3.        Gurrific

4.        Shark Baiters

5.        The Prime Time Swag

6.        Mucas Membrain

7.        Polk High Allstars

8.        Forgetting Brandon Marshall

9.        Where’s my Gym Schwarts?

10.      Eight In The Box

11.      AFL Renegades

12.      Big Blue Bruiser


All Trades will be subject to a league vote. 7 Reject votes are required to block a trade. Meaning 7 of the 10 not involved in the trade would have to vote against a trade for it to be rejected. Any votes not cast will count as Accepted.

Offseason trades can be made after the League championship. To trade picks from that next draft you have to have at least $20 paid for that season.

Regular Season trade deadline will be week 11 of the regular season. Trades will be opened back up after the League Championship.

Future draft pick(s) may be traded. We will require a ZERO Balance in the current year. We then require the league deposit ($20)to be paid for the next year (the year of the pick). So trading 2013 picks in 2012 requires the current 2012 league costs be paid at the time of the trade by both parties. We will also require the $20 deposit be paid for 2013. There will be no negotiating this rule. Trades will be reversed by Commissioner if this rule isn’t followed. 

***This is to stop a team from giving away his future picks, and then leaving the league. Most new owners coming into the league would be reluctant to have to pay full price for a team that doesn't even have its regular allotment of picks. 


Regular Season ADD process will be Blind Bidding Claims BB period is from the start of the first game of the week and will be processed on Tuesday @ 11:30 PM 
$100 budget
ADDS during the offseason will start after the draft and be a weekly Blind Bid period. Processed on Saturday night at Midnight each week and starting over immediately. Meaning no FCFS during the offseason all pick ups are BB until the Sunday before the first game FCFS will start and normal BB periods will ensue.

Players can be DROPPED at any time.


3 Divisions: Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3 
Divisions were drawn before the inaugural draft in 2012 and are set.  

2012 Divisions


Division 1

Mucas Membrain

Where’s my Gym Schwartz?


Shark Baiters


Division 2

Eight In The Box


Polk High Allstars

AFL Renegades


Division 3

Forgetting Brandon Marshall

Big Blue Bruisers

The Prime Time Swag

Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe

Regular Season Schedule 

13 week regular season schedule - Everyone plays everyone in 7 of the other 8 teams Randomly selected once and each team in their Division Twice

Playoff Format 
Division winners are insured playoff spots(top 3 seeds)
3 Wild Card Spots 
Playoff start week 14 
Seeds 1 and 2 Receive Byes 
Superbowl held in week 16. 

Division standings/Playoff Seeds 1-3 are based on: 

1.Overall Winning Percentage 
2.Division Winning Percentage 
3.Head to Head, between 2 or more teams, clear and outright 
4.Most Points For, Season
5. Virtual Coin Toss 

Playoff Seeding Spots 4-6 for are based on: 

Remaining Playoff teams are determined by: 

1.Overall Winning Percentage 
2. Head to Head 

3. Total Points 

Toilet Bowl 

The bottom 6 teams will play in the Toilet Bowl for fun. No money will be distributed, and the finish in Toilet Bowl will not affect a teams draft position for the next year.


Starting Lineup 
1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 WR/RB/TE, 1 WR/TE, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF = 10 starters 
15 reserve players, 1 available IR/Reserve spot 

25 total players, or 26 total players including IR 

As commissioner, I place responsibility on each individual owner to manage their team, lineups, and draft picks. The league processes are clearly spelled out. If you require a lineup change and are unable to access the league website on gameday, set your lineup early... As commissioner you can try and contact me to make a lineup change for you. Through text is probably the best way. I will only do this if I am able to make the change before the lineup deadline myself, so don’t count on this if you are out of town…

My phone number is on the website under Owner Information. 

The following behavior is deemed unacceptable: 

1. "Loaning" players. (i.e. "I'll trade you my backup defense, but you have to give it back after your bye week."). 
2. Two-part trades. ("You give me LT this week and I'll give you LJ next week," or, "Here's a 3 player for 3 player trade, but I don't want to give you my RB until next week. Let's trade the other 2 for 2 now and agree to swap the remaining players next week") 


When voting on league issues through the polls on the website, if at least 7 votes are not received in in the time period designated for the Poll. The commissioner will decide on the outcome of the vote. 

Uncontrolled Events and Implications 

Work Stoppage and/or Season Cancellation 

In the event of a work stoppage, strike, lockout, or anything of this nature in the NFL, the TGDL regular season will freeze along with the standings and statistics. Our league regular season will resume when the NFL season restarts. A revision in the schedule, rules and regulations may be necessary to accommodate for the delay. This revision will be immediately processed by the commissioner and distributed to each team owner as soon as possible. If the NFL season is cancelled entry fees will be used for TGDL to resume the next season.